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IXUP is a world-leading encrypted data collaboration platform that enables sharing and analysis of data sets from multiple sources with 100% control, security and privacy.

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Perform joint analytics and share insights on confidential, sensitive, or personal data without ever unlocking it, identifying it or losing control.

Open the door to new data collaboration opportunities never thought possible.



Harness data from diverse sources for maximum outcomes

Here’s some examples of how IXUP can be used.

Use case 1: Customer insights

Get to know customers better by combining retail data containing transaction information with merchant data who hold demographic information on customers.

Use case 2: Mergers and acquisitions

Determine the potential value of an M&A deal or co-marketing opportunity by sharing market data to find synergies or overlaps in customer bases.

Secure data collaboration
is a game-changer


Ground-breaking homomorphic encryption at the cellular level means your data is 100% encrypted at all times - at rest, in transit and in use - so it is never seen, shared, or vulnerable.


Run IXUP on your own infrastructure or use our secure hosted environment – either way, access rules and keys are not stored on IXUP and decrypted data never leaves your hands. Our secure web-based encryption gives you added flexibility in the cloud.


Rapidly design your collaborations with a simple drag and drop interface. Built-in probabilistic or ‘fuzzy’ matching intelligence makes it easy to compare and analyse often inconsistent datasets.


A compliant and auditable end-to-end process, IXUP holds ISO27001 Information Security Management Certification and uses US Government Approved 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. IXUP’s integrated Five Safes Framework complies with new Australian Government internal data governance requirements.

On Demand

Connect your datasets quickly, simply, and securely to unlock hidden insights on demand. With no third party data bureau and no data cleaning needed, it all happens in real-time.


Add collaboration partners and create access rules in minutes. Perform analysis on unencrypted data and repatriate key results back into the shared encrypted environment. Import/export between leading data warehouses, and output results to popular analytics tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

How our technology works for you

Industry applications 

IXUP is a sound investment for any industry sector – when you can trust that your data is truly secure, the real-world applications are endless. 

Find out how IXUP is finding applications in the Insurance and MarTech sectors.

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