IXUP unlocks new value

When you remove the threat of data breaches or misuse, you can safely realise the value and power of big data.


How IXUP Works

While conventional encryption techniques protect data when it is stored and in transit, they fail to protect data when in use as they require decryption before manipulating the data and running computations. This crucial gap makes the information vulnerable to theft or misuse. 

IXUP unlocks the value of analytics by providing a truly secure and private data collaboration platform. This lets you perform joint analytics and share insights on confidential or sensitive datasets without ever unlocking, identifying, or losing control of your data. It also means you can meet internal governance requirements, while operating within regulated privacy and compliance frameworks.

The IXUP platform never actually “sees” your data. Instead, it uses homomorphic encryption at the cellular level, and can run in-depth calculations and analysis on multiple data sets without decrypting it. This unique level of security ensures nothing identifiable is ever seen, stored, or shared at any point, eliminating the need to anonymise data. 

The power and intelligence of the technology under the hood is driven by a clean and intuitive drag and drop visual interface. Flexible and user friendly, IXUP makes it quick and easy to set up collaborations, find patterns, and unlock valuable insights from complex data sets.


Backed by the best

IXUP is ISO27001 certified, has a unique governance control protocol, is powered by Microsoft Azure and backed by reseller partners including Deloitte Australia, Tech Mahindra and Servian. 

IXUP Limited, pronounced ‘eyes up’, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2017 (IXU). 

Leadership team

Combining our collective expertise to pioneer the future of secure data analytics.

Peter Leihn
Chief Executive Officer

Peter has over 25 years' business experience in senior technology roles in both industry and government, with expertise in data availability, privacy, data innovation models and tech commercialisation. Previously, Peter was the Global Head of Commercial, based in San Francisco for Data61, the Australian Government CSIRO specialist data and technology innovator.

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Dean Joscelyne
Founder & Executive Director

Dean founded IXUP in 2011 in response to identifying a gap in the market to help organisations make better decisions using more powerful data insights. Dean has over 25 years’ experience driving enterprise transformation and improving customer experience.

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Paul Coe
Chief Technical Officer

Paul brings more than 15 years’ experience in large transformation programs that deliver complete enterprise business end-to-end solutions. Prior to IXUP, Paul held roles at Corum Group Australia, Study Group and PBL Media.

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James O'Keeffe
Head of Solution Engineering

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