IXUP’s solution pushes marketing analytics to new levels of sophistication, while securely helping to protect the privacy and rights of individuals.

Increasingly, marketers are combining data from external sources to match with their own datasets, to find additional insights into customer preferences. Successful MarTech hinges on finding insights within massive and now interconnected repositories of data to create customer value and competitive advantage.

Consumer data is the currency of modern business. This data frequently includes personally identifiable information (PII), which if misused or breached in a cyber attack, can violate the rights of individual consumers. Without the right safeguards, you could lose a competitive advantage if your data falls into the wrong hands.

IXUP offers a unique environment where customer data remains encrypted at all times, with data custodians controlling who can derive insights. The analytics occurs using encrypted data, meaning raw data is never shared between partners.

Data analytics and the customer of one

Understanding and predicting consumer behaviour has become so sophisticated that the ultimate goal – customising a product or service to a single consumer using data analytics – is now achievable with the right technology. This is commonly referred to as mass personalisation. Trends that only emerge once data is enriched from multiple organisations is the next step. However with more parties involved, the information becomes more granular and potentially more valuable, while the risk of data breach and misuse is increased.

Securing MarTech capabilities

The flipside of delivering highly targeted products and services is the need to do so in a completely safe and secure environment. This is where IXUP delivers. Our technology allows you to protect the privacy and rights of your customers, whose information, preferences, and transaction histories must remain protected. 

Our secure analytics platform ensures that data doesn’t need to be stripped of its valuable identifying characteristics as it remains encrypted at all times. IXUP lets you adhere to data regulations and maintain your social and commercial licences to operate, as you safeguard data and honour your competitive and legal responsibility to protect it.

More precise and actionable data analytics with IXUP

Operating within a secure and compliant platform, IXUP’s unique technology ensures that insights can be derived from data at a level of definition and precision that cannot be achieved when it’s anonymised to comply with privacy restrictions. This empowers marketers to pivot rapidly to respond to and meet the fragmenting demands of consumers who have ever-more diverse choices.

MarTech case study scenario

A women’s lifestyle brand faces increasing competition from new entrants. Accordingly, the company teams up with several retailers, payment platforms, mainstream media, and social media platforms. Their jointly agreed strategy is to combine their data streams to identify patterns of consumer behaviour across various demographics, including age, income, and location for geo-targeting purposes.

Using IXUP’s secure and compliant platform, each party can combine their rich data without breaching any regulatory or privacy constraints. The unique matching technology processes developed by IXUP sifts through all the data to identify the most valuable patterns.

At the end of the analytics exercise, new evidence emerges. The data uncovers a recent disruption in consumer behaviour in certain age and income brackets, and discovers a shift away from mainstream retail purchasing to Instagram influencer-led shopping on mobile, using instalment payments.

The new competitors eroding the lifestyle brand’s existing market share are using social media and instalment pricing to promote their products with single-click decisions, bypassing more costly and slower-to-market bricks and mortar retailers.

In this scenario, IXUP revealed critical purchasing patterns, and is now providing our participants with valuable insights to drive new strategies.

Secure Data. Advancing Analytics.

Your data is only part of a bigger story. Imagine being able to enrich it. To uncover hidden insights. To empower innovation, productivity and customer experiences.
With IXUP you can do this – without ever putting your data at risk. Realise the promise of true data collaboration.

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