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Healthcare Leaders Forum Video 2 – A health insurers case study for secure data collaboration

   13/12/2018        Videos

The news headlines say it all. When it comes to health insurance, the main concern for members, insurers, and governments is cost – a major driver of premiums. Yet member privacy is equally high on the list. In fact, it’s a non-breakable requirement.

In this video, IXUP discusses how various insurers can come together and collaborate to analyse cost structures whilst maintaining their privacy obligations. Using secure collaboration, insurers can connect HCP data from insurers including member information and diagnostic codes based on the government defined data structures. Using the IXUP platform, each data owner always retains control of their data.

This sets the scene for industry competitors to potentially work together whilst providing an auditable and secure environment to completely protect member information at all times. The results of the real industry collaboration are genuine outcomes, both cost savings and efficiencies. Watch video two now.