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Healthcare Leaders Video Forum Series

   13/12/2018        Videos

In healthcare, data has the potential to save lives – quite literally. It is also an industry where the need to secure that data is keenly felt, if not well understood.

At the Healthcare Leaders Forum, IXUP spoke about the proliferation of data – and the problematic concept of sharing data. Sharing data is not positive. Why would you want to give your data to someone else? It’s risky. There’s legislation that clearly says you shouldn’t, and you could find yourself on the front page of a newspaper for all the wrong reasons.

IXUP introduces a revolutionary concept where you don’t need to share data. Instead, using secure data collaboration, you can connect multiple sensitive data sets for valuable insights.

Data has been described as the most valuable asset in the world and it is certainly in abundance, yet there can be too much of a good thing. There’s little point in organisations generating and stockpiling volumes of data if they cannot fully leverage it. Data is far more valuable when it’s enriched – when it combines with other data to paint a bigger, smarter picture.

A single view of internal data is important but linking it to additional external sources provides a significantly better view. This is one reason why organisations can be tempted to share data, including giving it to a third party to handle the task. That’s not secure, nor an approach that engenders any level of necessary trust.

IXUP has a better way and we’re showing it in our five-part video series – watch them all now.